For Dee EP

by Contact

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Chemicals 03:45
Love, I’ll find joy in your misery. I’d like to think there’s enough grace for my sins. Or does justice always seem to win, when my hands are stained with the blood that I drank? Now I don’t know what to say; you didn’t know what to say, but my singing bird, you just had to cut me off from the body, from your body. Will God hold you up when you’re sinking in the ground? You’re giving them a bad name; you’re giving me a bad name. All I can see is a blurred picture of you, now that vices show how we turned out. Your mattress infested with disease; your words are invested in disease. It has spread. I felt your fingertips creeping down my spine. So when you wed I hope I’m haunting every last thought in your altered mind. Maybe it would be different if you just came clean because I know you know I know. I just want you to know that the chemicals unbalanced in my head made me exactly what you wanted. Where did all my friends go when you left? Everyone vanished. I don’t know if I will ever thank them, because they all feel dead, or maybe just muddled from the lack of sleep. Or is it me just blaming you for who we turned out to be? Did he feel the way that I felt? Did he taste like I taste? Just tell me I’m not the same. Just tell me you didn’t feel right in the morning. Just tell me the guilt took over when we made love in my bed. Maybe don’t be with anyone, when one was never enough. You’ll deflower yourself over and over again. I stayed to wait when I found out a year late I stayed to wait… (I know you know I know. Everyone will know)
For Dee 03:56
We live to love, but we love to burn. So you set a fire, and put it out in some hope of keeping the little that we yearn. Then I took my lighter, and burnt the rest down until we can’t be repaired. Your dad reads his bible in the living room while we hide under your sheets. So they won’t know when we bury our sins beneath. Then I fall asleep with my head on your stomach while I listen to love kicking. Forgiveness is easier when no one knows what is happening. Will you let me in? (Just don’t let me in.) I don’t want to know where you’ve been. (Where have you been?) I don’t want to talk about how the change in weather is making us feel distant. (Or who I am and who I was.) Because for a second, I forgot how it feels to miss you. Yet I had to call because after two years I needed your voice, but the phone was so silent that I could hear the faucet drip from inside the kitchen. Then something triggered like clockwork in me. I was a field full of weeds, and you were a beautiful white flower that just couldn’t escape from me. (Don’t let me in) I have this date imprinted inside my brain. When it comes, I disappear for a week. To try to solidify my hollow name, but my past keeps waking me up from my dreams. Like children we’ll let our minds take us far away. Then maybe innocence can come and set me free. Will you let me in? (Just don’t let me in.) I don’t want to know where you’ve been. (Where have you been?) I don’t want to talk about the change, or whether it’s making us feel distant. (Or who I am and who I was.) Just don’t tell me where you’ve been. (All of your love was gone, and all of my love is lost. I think you can only give yourself away once then it’s lost. Accept when it comes to you; except when it comes to you) There’s a point where these words become a burden. I don’t want to write anymore because I fear the weight of a God I never knew. Singing just doesn’t make sense anymore because I don’t think you would listen.


released September 29, 2011

All songs written by Matteo Russo and Cody Christian
All songs recorded and performed by Contact
All lyrics by Matteo Russo
Girl Vocals in "For Dee" by Sophie Croucier
Drums were recorded with Erol Ulug at Hi Octane Studios
Drums recorded by Eric Findlay
Guitars, bass, and vocals tracked at Workshop Studios
Mixed by Matteo Russo of Contact
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering


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